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As a Psychological Counsellor, a person’s holistic well-being is of the utmost importance to her.

Anel Swanepoel

As a Psychological Counsellor, a person’s holistic well-being is of the utmost importance to her. She understands that the journey to well-being can be difficult sometimes and facilitating change in your life takes a lot of courage. This journey is easier when walked with someone to guide, help and facilitate this process.

Anel has a special interest in children and child-related therapies such as Play-therapy. This is an approach where games, toys and other mediums are used to help a child express their emotions, thoughts, wishes and needs. This helps them to better understand certain feelings and upsetting events that they struggle with. Children use play to communicate at their own level, with their appropriate skillset and own pace, rather than having to explain what bothers them as in adult therapy. It’s less intrusive and takes away the feelings of being interrogated and threatened.

She believes that a child’s well-being starts at birth and therefor parent’s well-being is just as important. The IMAGO structure for relationships, is an excellent relationship- and marriage-counselling course which helps individuals in a relationship to come to a better understanding of each other, expectations in the relationship and a general understanding of what the other person needs to feel loved, as each individual has a different way of feeling and showing love.

Support in those first few months to a year of being a new mother, can make a big difference in not only you as a new mother’s health and happiness, but also that of your baby’s

. “New-mommy” support groups are get-togethers with a small group of new mothers to share experiences, exchange ideas and general support while having your ba

by there with you, eliminating the stress of leaving them in someone else’s care. Moms are grouped according to the age of their little one in order to talk to mommies going through the same phases. Later on these support groups will be changed into a class where we will be giving mothers self-help tools and enable them with exercises they can do with their little one at home for stimulation and development.

Counselling for individuals can be effective in cases such as, but not limited to:

  • Child traumas (divorce, change in home dynamics, being bullied etc.)
  • Childhood development
  • Crime victims
  • Depression
  • Family therapy
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Trauma
  • Weight loss